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Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this website.

A.    Website Owner
This website is owned by Versus Business Advisors, Lda., a legal entity with tax identification number 516 061 224, located at Rua Dr. Henrique Ferreira Botelho, No. 23, Ground Floor, 5000-505 Vila Real, Portugal.

Versus Business Advisors, Lda. provides services of Business and Management Consulting, and Real Estate Mediation.

B.    Scope of these Terms and Conditions
1.    These Terms and Conditions establish the rules of interaction between Versus Business Advisors, Lda. and the User of the website.
2.    By using the information and services available on this website, the User confirms understanding, acceptance, and commitment to follow these terms and conditions.
3.    By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, you expressly acknowledge that using the website is entirely at your own responsibility and risk.
4.    If the User disagrees with the described terms and conditions, they should cease using this website.


C.    Responsibility 
1.     Versus Business Advisors, Lda. is committed to making every effort to ensure that the information on the website is always accurate and precise.
2.     The information about services provided by Versus Business Advisors, Lda. on this website is summarized and serves as a guide to the User. It should not be interpreted as fully or partially applicable to individual cases since laws and procedures can vary depending on each specific case. If the User wishes to better understand the services and how they can be applied to their needs, it is essential to contact us through the contact form or the general contact details available on this website.
3.     Through this website, Versus Business Advisors, Lda. provides hyperlinks to other websites owned by third parties who have granted us permission for their use.
4.     The content of these websites is not under our control, and therefore, any information provided on them is not our responsibility.
5.     The contact information provided by Versus Business Advisors, Lda. on this website serves solely for the purpose of providing services by Versus Business Advisors, Lda. Any other form of communication, such as unsolicited or intrusive commercial messages, will be considered as SPAM.

D.    Privacy Policy

Versus Business Advisors, Lda. respects the User's privacy. For more information, please consult our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.

E.    Intellectual Property
1.    The content of the website, including but not limited to text and images, is protected by copyright.
2.    The User is free to share the website's content as long as they do not alter, adapt, or modify it and always reference its source.
3.    Copying, downloading, or printing elements of the website is allowed for private, non-commercial use only.

F.    Updates 
1.    Versus Business Advisors, Lda. may change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.
2.    It is recommended that the User regularly consult these General Website Terms and Conditions.
3.    By continuing to use the website, the User agrees to the new General Website Terms and Conditions.

G.    Suggestions or Complaints
1.     If you wish to provide a suggestion regarding any service provided, please use the contact form on the website or the general contact information (phone or email) provided.
2.     If you wish to make a complaint regarding a contracted service or another matter, it will receive our utmost attention. Please contact us so we can have the opportunity to resolve the issue, preferably through the email

Last update: 22/10/2023 

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